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Description of Compact Unit Process Steps:

* Step One:
Transport OF RAW WATER:
The transport of raw water passes through low lift pumps.

* Step Two:
Intel Pipe of the Clarifying Tanks:
The inlet pipes pass through the flow meter, then the pipe is connected for dosing alum sulfate and chlorine.

* Step Three:
Clarifying Tanks:
Coagulation starts at the inlet, with fast mixing the alum with water. The mixer is high speed mixer with stainless steel shaft and impeller.
The next step is flocculation with slow mixing. (Sedimentation with lamella settler)

* Step Four:
Intermediate Tanks:
In the intermediate tank is dosing of chlorine for disinfection.

* Step Five:
High lift Pumps:

* Step Six:
Filter set:
Process of the filtration and filter washing is automatically and manual.

* Step Seven:
Hydrophore Set:
Operating of the compressor is automatically depended on the pressure in the system, because the high pressure could make problems in filter operation.